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Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_ quiet.

georgesk@boltz.univ-littoral.fr wrote:
> Odile Bénassy writes:
>  > About ProMath : I must say, I was a little disappointed for nobody from
>  > this list gave me any return information,
> I did. Perhaps not everybody has a python-enabled Apache server in his
> neighbourghood...
> It's quite simple to install apache. When installing from a debian
> distribution, it comes with python straight out the box.

The same with any distribution I know of (except the minimal :-)))
It is very simple to install and configure Apache
It is utmost simple to install Python

Only one thing is a little difficult (was, to me...): compiling DBM in
Python when you do not have that module pre-compiled on your
distribution. You have to edit a text file, don't ask me which one for I
do not remember . Yet I will tell anybody who would feel in trouble with
this !!

As I hope to find very soon a server for demonstrating ProMath (didn't
you promise to do it on Sébastien Namèche's machine ?), all this is not
going to prevent people from this list, even with non Apache running,
from trying out ProMath and giving me their comments. 

Thanks Georges !
Odile Bénassy,