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Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_ quiet.

Odile Bénassy writes:
 > > It's quite simple to install apache. When installing from a debian
 > > distribution, it comes with python straight out the box.
 > The same with any distribution I know of (except the minimal :-)))
 > It is very simple to install and configure Apache
 > It is utmost simple to install Python
 > Only one thing is a little difficult (was, to me...): compiling DBM in
 > Python [...]
 > As I hope to find very soon a server for demonstrating ProMath (didn't
 > you promise to do it on Sébastien Namèche's machine ?)

I have no administrative right on that machine.
You can find the promath distribution installed on another machine,
accessible trough 

best regards,			Georges.