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Re: [seul-edu] email browser client

DanMc wrote:
Do any of you know of something that we can use so that teachers can use
a browser such as IE5 or Netscape to pick up their mail from the server
instead of the PINE and CLI that they are struggling with now?
   For email under Linux I am using Netscape 4.7 that came with RedHat
6.0. If you really wish to retain the mail on the server, user IMAP setting
in Netscape. That is under
   Edit-Preferences : Mail & Newsgroups -> Mail Servers : Edit server
and select IMAP account. The IMAP server imapd has to run on the
server Linux workstation. For some reason it did not came with the
RedHat 6.0 but was present RedHat 5.1 as imap-4.1.BETA-11.src.rpm.

  There are some pop servers, which are not in latest redhat either.
I think, that POP3 server would be better. Try to search http://rpmfind.net .

                                                    Petr Vicherek

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