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Re: [seul-edu] email browser client

I wrote a package called AUC (Authenticated User Community) that provides
web-based email as one of it's features.  AUC itself runs as a CGI script
from Apache or anything other web server.  It also has a MySQL backend for
user preferences and data storage.  For email, it can work in two ways:

1.  You can run it on the same server as your email server.  This has the
benefit of not requiring an IMAP server (if that's something that
matters).  Also, it will use PAM to authenticate, allowing you to easily
give web-based accounts to any user that already has a shell account.

2.  You can run it on a different server than your email server.  It
supports IMAP, so will be able to access the email as long as the server
supports IMAP.  Using this method, you would have to specify accounts
either using PAM or the MySQL database (no shell account necessary).

Also, there are lots of other features that AUC has.  It has collaborative
"interactive classrooms" that students and teachers can access to share
information and documents.  It has a school newspaper engine that allows
school newspapers to be published fairly easily and in an automated
fashion.  It has a searchable student/staff directory.  Administration of
the AUC server itself can be done almost entirely on the web.  You can
access a demo of the software at:


Also, it is freely downloadable under the GPL, and has been tested on
several unices.  Allready, several schools have been in contact with me as
they have been implementing the system on their networks.

Anyway, check it out if it's of interest to you.


David Moore

On Sat, 16 Oct 1999, DanMc wrote:

> Hi,
> Our K-8 school has a Linux box serving as a postoffice and proxy server.
> The teachers and offices have Pentium machines running Windows 95 and 98
> on an Ethernet to this server.  I would characterize our teachers as
> "Microsoft literate" rather than anything that relies on CLI or requires
> much computer knowledge.
> Do any of you know of something that we can use so that teachers can use
> a browser such as IE5 or Netscape to pick up their mail from the server
> instead of the PINE and CLI that they are struggling with now?
> I appreciate any input - and BTW, I'm a rank novice at Linux so please
> speak in small English words to the extent that you can. [:o-)} 
> Dan McMenamin

  David Moore       California Institute of Technology
 <dcm@acm.org>             http://www.mbhs.edu/~dmoore