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[seul-edu] Growth of the Web


There is a nice article at the above address dealing with education
software.  It is a report on what is desired and needed as well as a
teacher perspective.  I am linking it as an information piece for those
approaching the classroom level of software.

I have copied a short excerpt here that is an interesting perspective I
have heard elsewhere.

Growth of the Web

                    For the time being, sales of educational CD-ROMs far
outnumber those
                    of online materials. Schools spent a mere $13
million on online
                    subscriptions in 1998, compared with $340 million on
stand-alone or
                    modular software and $218 million for comprehensive
                    which is usually delivered on CD-ROM, according to

                    But people within the industry say the focus on
CD-ROMs is likely to be

                    "I'm not sure CD-ROMs are going to be around long.
Things are moving
                    very, very fast to the Internet," Hurley of The
Learning Company says.
                    "When you get to the meat of what people are
learning, you can do that
                    with the Internet and all these productivity tools."


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