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Re: question about Python and report Re: [seul-edu] It's quiet--_too_quiet.

A new Python book is scheduled to be released tomorrow:

Programming with Python (Tim Altom, Prima Publishing).

According to Amazon's description:

"Programming with Python is filled with practical applications and code to
help you get up to speed with this innovative programming language. Browse
the "recipes" of scripts and create programs faster and with less hassle.
The included CD-ROM contains the Python code, programs, and the text of the
book. Before you know it, you will have cross-platform program interfaces, a
search engine for your Web site, and more programs than you would have
thought possible"


Duncan C. Kinder

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> I have the O'Reilly book.  I will skim it and get back
> to you.  If it it is as good as learning Perl then I
> would also highly recommend it.
> Bill
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