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[seul-edu] New to Linux

To anyone who has time to help:

Just Installed RedHat 6.0 with GNOME.  I am using  a brand new 400 Intel
Celeron with a NEC 31/4 Floppy Disk

How do I know if Linux recognizes the floppy disk?  What do I look for and
how do I try it out?

I think there is a file in /dev  directory called FD0, is this a short cut
to the Floppy? When I click on it nothing seems to happen (even though I
have a Linux Boot disk in the Floppy so it will have something to read)

This device stays unmounted. When I've tried using Linuxconf to mount it I
get an error saying it doesn't recognize the block.  I'm assuming this isn't
normal (?) Do I even have to mount it to make it work? Is there a work

How do I know for sure that Linux simply just doesn't recognize it?  There
is no mention of it on the RedHat site.

I would really appreciate step by step instructions to any solutions as I am
brand new to Linux.

Thanks for your help.

Curt Nicholson cnicholson@brunnet.net