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Re: [seul-edu] Doc Project will move again!

On Sun, Oct 15, 2000 at 12:33:46PM +0200, Bill Tihen -- Information Technology wrote:
> I am glad to report that I (or my newly hired assistant) will soon have more 
> time to work on docs.  In fact, this is how I am planning on training -- (has 
> anyone tried this before?).  We will start with how users can use network 
> services, and then how to configuring the services on Linux.  Finally, I expect 
> I will also have her follow up with writing user docs (using Gnome, Abiword, 
> Gnumeric and hopefully Code Crusader too).

This sounds like a great opportunity to get some new docs written while
having your new assistant get some experience with the Linux world.

But just so somebody has pointed it out -- I'm pretty sure there are
documents out there already that describe 'how users can use network
services'. There are definitely documents that describe configuring
the services with Linux. Were you hoping to be generic and useful to
the world, or specific to your computers and situation? If it's at all
the former, perhaps it would be more useful to do a meta-document which
researches available documents and assesses which are useful for what?

Finding the right document and publicizing its existence (and extending
it if necessary) seems like a much more effective use of time.

As for Gnome documentation (which includes gnumeric), in my experience
they've got a pretty coordinated system already set up for people to
document aspects of it. I'd definitely go poke around there and see how
they do things and how you can join in. From what I've heard it's pretty
smooth and well-organized. (Though perhaps the user-level documentation
you were considering wasn't the sort of thing they're working on there?
I don't know.)

And as always, if you need help publicizing your docs here, let me
know. :)