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RE: [seul-edu] .edu .net .org .com

I usually just lurk here to see what's going on, but I think I can answer
your question. The correct answer is, None of the above. The correct domain
for a k12 school is in the .us domain. Go check out www.nic.us for details.
the format goes like myschool.k12.XX.us where XX is your two letter state
code. People complain about length, but it's not as bad as people think. If
your going to be correct about it, think of it like this. Say your school is
Washington Schools. Well, Washington was a great man, and there are a great
number of schools out there named after him. How are you going to identify
yourself? Schools have a unique name ( in most cases) that their state
department of education use. If you just use that, and the k12 and state
code will complete a description of who you are. If you did that with an
.ORG, you would have had to pretty much done the same thing in some fashion.
People in the US forget all the time that the root domains are shared
globally, and if I got a domain shannon.org ( because I'm not for profit
apparently, that's what my bank account says any way :-) I don't really
deserve that domain name unless I am representing all the Shannon's in the
world. Otherwise, how can I say I am deserving of that domain, and defend
myself in the face of a trademark dispute?
Hope this helps.


Shannon Spurling
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Dear Seul Folks:

The elementary (parochial) school where I work has decided to acquire a
name.  I contacted our ISP, and they said they were not allowed to give out
.edu domain name.  I logged on to the Internic site (networksolutions.com)
read that .edu is only for universities.

I am curious as to what you people recommend.  To use .com seems to imply a
commercial orientation.  What do other private elementary schools use? .org
.net ???

Thanks for all your help on past issues!