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Re: [seul-edu] .edu .net .org .com

If you are in the US you belong under the X.k12.TwoLetterStateCode.us

Private schools are also under this umbrella

your domain reg is also free this way.

you can find contact info for your domain space at


We are an elementary district that back in 94 decided to register under

you can do this but I wouldn't go that route again

The arguement at the time was that being a second level (term may be
wrong) was theoretically more stabel than having to depend on all three
levels (k12,  your state,  and us) of nameservers to resolve your domain.

We haven't seen any difference ever with our fellow districts in this

I'd like to change our domain from


but of course some of our users love the .org  it tends to make your
domain name shorter.

hope that helps

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, maynord wrote:

> Dear Seul Folks:
> The elementary (parochial) school where I work has decided to acquire a domain
> name.  I contacted our ISP, and they said they were not allowed to give out a
> .edu domain name.  I logged on to the Internic site (networksolutions.com) and
> read that .edu is only for universities.
> I am curious as to what you people recommend.  To use .com seems to imply a
> commercial orientation.  What do other private elementary schools use? .org
> .net ???
> Thanks for all your help on past issues!
> Robert

Dan Kubilos
K-8  Tech Coord --- OSD