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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: Open Learning Management System

Description: OpenLMS is a Learning Management System (LMS) made at the Department of Geography, NTNU. The system is a fully functional LMS with support for group collaboration, file sharing, distribution of lectures, and other supporting features. It is a good tool for distributing lecture notes to groups of students, and for faciliating collaboration for groups of students and teachers.

Author: Ragnvald Larsen

Homepage: http://openlms.sourceforge.net/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Administrative 

Name: open sTeam

Description: open sTeam provides a technical platform which allows groups of students and lecturers to construct and arrange their individual and cooperative learning space. It is an infrastructure for computer-based cooperative learning.

Author: Reinhard Keil- Slawik

Homepage: http://www.open-steam.org/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Administrative 

Name: Physics 3D

Description: Physics 3D is a simple physics simulation program in 3D. It simulates gravitational attraction, momentum, and collisions of rigid bodies. It is written using Java and the Java3D API.

Author: Ben Childs

Homepage: http://www.bchilds.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=2

License: GNU Public License

Category: Science 

Name: Poesia

Description: Public Opensource Environment for a Safer Internet Access (POESIA) is an Internet content filter, partly funded by the European Commission. POESIA filters harmful content in several channels (Web, email, Usenet news). It combines innovative technologies to achieve more effective filtering than other products. Filtering covers a range of modes, including image filtering, natural language text filtering, URLs, PICs, and JavaScript filtering. The filter will initially be deployed in English, Italian, and Spanish. Additional work is required to cover other European languages.

Author: Basile Starynkevitch

Homepage: http://www.poesia-filter.org/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Administrative 

Name: PWN Reader

Description: PWN Reader browses "Multimedialna Encyklopedia PWN - edycja 1998" (a Polish encyclopedia). It is a console application which allows you to read text resources (no pictures, music, etc.). It is only a browser; the encyclopedia CD is needed.

Author: drumlin

Homepage: http://drumlin.republika.pl/pwnreader.html

License: GNU Public License

Category: Reading 

Name: PyBabelPhish

Description: PyBabelPhish is a GTK-based program providing fast translations from one natural language to another. Texts translated to Spanish can be read aloud in Spanish through optional text-to-speech support.

Author: Erica Andrews

Homepage: http://pythonol.sourceforge.net/pybabel.php

License: GNU Public License

Category: Language