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[seul-edu] New Educational Applications

Name: repasa

Description: repasa is a set of three kind of tools: For creation of contents directly in the XML format of repasa or in DocBook following some conventions, for checking the contents, and for studying the contents and registering progress. The contents can be specified with definitions, classifications for the definitions (possibly along with exercises), and sequences of study. It is especially well suited to organize information according to the current legislation for education in schools of Colombia.

Author: Vladimir Támara Patiño

Homepage: http://structio.sourceforge.net/repasa

License: Public Domain

Category: Research 

Name: PyBabelPhish

Description: PyBabelPhish is a GTK-based program providing fast translations from one natural language to another. Texts translated to Spanish can be read aloud in Spanish through optional text-to-speech support.

Author: Erica Andrews

Homepage: http://pythonol.sourceforge.net/pybabel.php

License: Unknown

Category: Language 

Name: xines

Description: xines is a Web application for tracking classes, students, and exercises.

Author: Brigitte Jellinek

Homepage: http://xines.horus.at/

License: GNU Public License

Category: Administrative