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[seul-edu] Linux Proxy Dialup software

Dear Seul Members,

When we use Linux as a proxy server on a dialup line we need a software
which shall keep the server connected to the ISP all the time.

It should recognize when the connection is in the need or a reconnect
and disconnect and reconnect itself without user intervention.

Some schools may need such a software and we have built such a software
and are using it.

We would like some feed back so that we can make it better.

Currently it is recommended that if you want to try the software then it
is done on a separate machine for trial purposes.

Please do NOT install it on a mission critical production server.

The name of the software is called ATRC Manager and can be downloaded
from the website atrc.net.pk.

If there are any other features which you would like to have added
please feel free to email us.

There are a lot of other features which may be helpful and we would like
to which ones are more useful.



Thank You.

Khawar Nehal

Chief Executive of Operations
Applied Technology Research Center (ATRC)
C-55 Block A KDA Officers Karachi 75260 Pakistan 
Email : khawar@atrc.net.pk
Web : atrc.net.pk
Mobile, Hand Phone via Mobilink : 92-300-9284698 
Voice via PTCL : 92-21-4980523