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[seul-edu] Site@School CMS for primary schools version 1.2.1 released

This is an advertisment for Open Source Software under the General Public

The newest version of Site@School (1.2.1) is now available on: 



The most important changes/improvements in this version:
- Extended functionality of the editors (now support for tables!)
- Editor for pupils also available under Linux.
- Available in 9 languages (!): English, Spanish, Brazilian, Norwegian,
Swedish, German, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese.  
- Improved checking of Guestbook and Advertisments.
- Many small improvements.
- Bugfixes.

For more information, see below. Also useful as press release.
Kindly recommending,
Dirk, Fred, Karin.

Site@School is a Content Management Systeem (CMS),
specially designed for primary schools. It has been developed
in close collaboration with schools and their teachers.

- Every pupil can have his/her own webpage. Checking of pages before
publication is possible by their teachers.
- The CMS is managed via the Internet, so you can manage your schoolsite
from home or any other place with an internet connection.
- Refreshing the content of the schoolsite is very simple so the schoolsite
can be kept up-to-date in minutes.
- With the option 'Invisible page' intern links can be made. It's also a
feature  for pages that need a long preparation or pages that are only 
needed once a year (Christmas).
- Site@School is simple to install with a graphic user interface.
- Built in modules for guestbook, e-mail, forum (closed forums for teachers
pupils, public forums for others), news (with an archive), search for 
searching the site, advertisments.
- Guestbook- and ads module send e-mails when someone enters data so
unwanted entries are easily noticed.
- S@S can be used as a management system for an existing website.
- Two WYSIWYG page editors, functioning under Linux + Mozilla 1.3.1 and
above, Windows + IE 5.5 and above and Netscape 7.1 and above.
- 'High visibility mode' voor visually impaired.
- A comprehensive manual with over 140 illustrations.
- Site@School runs under Linux and Windows.
- Low hardware requirements. Under Linux Site@School runs fine on
an old P1.
- Etc. etc., see the feature list (link below).

At this moment Site@School is supplied with the following languages: 
English, Spanish, Brazilian, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, 
Japanese and Chinese. 
Site@School's built in translate funcion makes it easy to adapt 
the system to the schools culture.

The first version of Site@School was subsidised by the City District
'De Baarsjes' of the Munucipality of Amsterdam (Holland).

Site@School is Open Source Software, licensed under the General
Public Licentie, meaning that it's freely available and can be freely
distributed. Who adapts or improves the software must pubicise 
their material under the GPL.

Site@School manual (English) and info:

Site@School download:

Dirk Schouten

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