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Re: XFree will fork to remain free

řann 09-Apr-98 skrifar Erik Walthinsen:
> IMO, if there is not such an organization active, there should be.  Once 
> again, it is a matter of everyone getting organized.  Wars are not won when 
> the warriors fight in different directions.

  There is absolutely no point in going into different directions, and the
free community should also start taking a little responsibility in the
matter of things.  And one is, that we *can't* just go and distribute
other people's work, without paying some sort of fee... in one form or

  We also need to start to recognize, that in most cases it isn't just the
person who "coded" the stuff that did the work.  But the people who kept
the coder alive, while doing it.  They own the code, wether you like it
or not... and it is only fair that they get something in return for the
investment that they put into it.  But "fair" is the word... and it isn't
fair to pay monstrous money for something that is crawling with bugs, like
some Windows software... but nor is it fair, that we just get to use and
sell the product of others, without limitation on respnsibility to pay
for it.

  There is a middle road here...

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