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Re: XFree will fork to remain free

> And so X11R6.4 becomes irrelevant. I think SPI and the various Linux
> distributors should make donations to the project to keep thinks rolling
> along.  S.u.S.E. is making enough of a donation to make me want to buy
> their distro and just put it on the shelf.

This, Qt, and Mozilla seem to be signalling the beginning of a significant 
change in how the free software community is dealing with the world in 
general.  I think this is a good thing, and the fact that it all happens in 
a short period of time means that people really are serious about these 

Is there a group that is keeping track of these issues, and helping the 
free software world move forward?  Isn't this what the SPI is supposed to 
be for?  It would be interesting to know how much or how little the SPI has 
had to do with these events.

IMO, if there is not such an organization active, there should be.  Once 
again, it is a matter of everyone getting organized.  Wars are not won when 
the warriors fight in different directions.

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