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RE: Ante-up

řann 10-Apr-98 skrifar George Bonser:
> Make a donation to the FSF, Xfree, SPI, whoever, but look around and see
> if there is something you can do even if it is not code.
  One 'type' of donation, I have done... is to buy commercial software
and turn in the card and registering it as for 'Linux' (Including Quake II :-),
as I figure it will help vendors make decisitions to support Linux.

  At the end of the month, I'll be able to make a donation to one project,
and the question then becomes, which one? The mention of XFree doing some
stuff to make a deal with the X Open Group, is a thought.  For the others,
is there a CD one can buy?

  In this category, there are no 'stores' in Europe that have CD's or
books on this subject on the shelf, that you can buy... and thus, make a
contribution.  Not yet, anyway... so, this makes it harder between the
two continents... as there is only 89% possibility that a money letter
will reach it's destination... at such a distance (I've lost one before).

  So, one thought for the future is that perhaps it is possible to
coordinate things between the continents in such a way that a donation,
or a contribution will be made easier?  Perhaps it would be possible
for projects, to establish an account in some major European bank or
organisation... so that Europeam users can make their donations or
contributtions locally.  It would also give them a more secure feeling
of supporting their local community, rather than sending the money
away... if you get my drift?

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