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Re: news

>As  soon  as  we have something ready, I'll contact the Directors of
>Marine Resources (John Caddy) and Fisheries (Serge Garcia) at FAO to
>find out whether we  may  get  any  kind  of support.  They are very
>positive persons and I'm sure they'll back up this endevour if  they
>see anything positive (I'm sure they will).

what would be good before then is for us to know what sorts of things your
guys would like to see.  you don't necessarily need to interrogate them
heavily for this.  and if the stuff they want already exists, you can show
them some of the apps and see what they like or don't like.

for example, i can go to the scientific apps for linux (SAL) page, and
immediately pick out the stuff that is useful for my fields of interest
(electronics, comp sci, neuroscience somewhat, etc...), but i don't know
the first thing about what the fish folk would like -- you do.

so if you could give us some information on what apps and interfaces and
other features that area would find useful, then that would be useful to us.
also, as you go through a list like SAL, you can probably tell at a glance
which descriptions of apps sound good and which sound like
not-quite-what-you-want.  also useful info for the rest of us to know.
and i'm curious as to what is currently in use by your people: types of tools,
systems they run under, and the interfaces they use (and whether the people
like those interfaces or not).

anything you get on the above thoughts may now be filed away in seul-seg's
cvs spot.  just send a note back here with a pointer to it and perhaps some
highlights/content summary.  then we can all finally start learning about
our users. :)

(if you need the url for SAL, tell me and i'll dig it up quickly.)
(otherwise i'll dig it up slowly, for everyone else. :)


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