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Re: news

Well, the definitive issue for  the  Linux(Seul)  to be or not to be
(among these scientists at least) are the following:

    - an easy to use, easy to maintain OS;
    - it should use machine resources better (more outta the
    - easy to maintain (most scientists dont know a damned thing
      about hacking and dont have the time);
    Apps (all GUI):
       -A  complete  office   suite  with  **potent**  spread-sheet;
        [there's already some of this];
       -A stats analyses tool; there is  the  S  language  and  most
        algorithms   are   'scripted'   BUT   there's  no  good  GUI
        alternative yet;
       -A maths (MathCAD or Mathematica 3.0 like) package;
       - A GIS  package  (with  geostats  and  visual stats analyses
         incorporated) -Such as ENVI or ERDAS IMAGINE.
And step further: all of the above linked and  fit  into  a  similar
environment  where  data  can  easily  be  crossechanged/read.   For
instance:  I may have some data in a spreadsheet which I may like to
read both by the maths/stats and GIS package.  I may like to cut and
paste whatever from the proggies above to the wordprocessor  to  set
up papers, reports.
Having the artillery above (it may take years), we get a majority of
the  sci  community  outta the MS dictatorship.  Everyone refers the
same problem: We ARE  STUCK  in  the  MS  world and want outta there
(budgets  cuts,  dependencies,  low  cost-effectivity,   bugs,   low
quality).  The same reasons appear everywhere and they showed in the
workshop, as well.




] From: Luka (Peter) <luka@mit.edu>
] To: SolariS@cicei.ulpgc.es
] cc: seul-leaders@seul.org
] Subject: Re: news 
] Date: Fri, 10 Apr 1998 22:18:38 EDT
] >As  soon  as  we have something ready, I'll contact the Directors of
] >Marine Resources (John Caddy) and Fisheries (Serge Garcia) at FAO to
] >find out whether we  may  get  any  kind  of support.  They are very
] >positive persons and I'm sure they'll back up this endevour if  they
] >see anything positive (I'm sure they will).
] what would be good before then is for us to know what sorts of things your
] guys would like to see.  you don't necessarily need to interrogate them
] heavily for this.  and if the stuff they want already exists, you can show
] them some of the apps and see what they like or don't like.
] for example, i can go to the scientific apps for linux (SAL) page, and
] immediately pick out the stuff that is useful for my fields of interest
] (electronics, comp sci, neuroscience somewhat, etc...), but i don't know
] the first thing about what the fish folk would like -- you do.
] so if you could give us some information on what apps and interfaces and
] other features that area would find useful, then that would be useful to us.
] also, as you go through a list like SAL, you can probably tell at a glance
] which descriptions of apps sound good and which sound like
] not-quite-what-you-want.  also useful info for the rest of us to know.
] and i'm curious as to what is currently in use by your people: types of tools,
] systems they run under, and the interfaces they use (and whether the people
] like those interfaces or not).
] anything you get on the above thoughts may now be filed away in seul-seg's
] cvs spot.  just send a note back here with a pointer to it and perhaps some
] highlights/content summary.  then we can all finally start learning about
] our users. :)
] (if you need the url for SAL, tell me and i'll dig it up quickly.)
] (otherwise i'll dig it up slowly, for everyone else. :)
] -luka
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