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I'm back.   Had  the  workshop.   Talked  to  the  guys.   Chose the
person-2-person approach rather than the script distribution.  Well,
the may be some of the conclusions:

    - 'We' are not sure the hackers are really up to give
       the [scientific] community the OS + the app suite;
    - Let's see what they come up with.
As you may know, most scientists are 'agnostic'.  This implies  that
before doing anything else (FAO, marine scientist community and 'the
others') we need something to show (be this cheese or bytes :-).

As  soon  as  we have something ready, I'll contact the Directors of
Marine Resources (John Caddy) and Fisheries (Serge Garcia) at FAO to
find out whether we  may  get  any  kind  of support.  They are very
positive persons and I'm sure they'll back up this endevour if  they
see anything positive (I'm sure they will).



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