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SEUL-Leaders: SEUL and Linux Help (fwd)

Just thought i would let everyone know i got this mail and let the person 
know that the leader position for the doc subgroup was open..

"/" is the beginning "kill" is the end and "kill -HUP" is the reberth. init is 
eturnal truth everlasting.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 11:14:32 -0400
From: Two Ducks <twoducks@globalserve.net>
To: cl@txcc.net
Subject: SEUL and Linux Help

Hello. My real name is Ken Duck (My fiancee and I use the account thus
the twoducks

I have been using Linux for over a year and have always wondered why
there was no
project to make Linux easier to use. Now that I have found it, I have a
question (with explanation.)

I have found that what is most lacking for Linux is (offline) help. I
located much of the help available (including LDP) but am still
dissatisfied with what I see. I have started creating both a program
and (soon) documents which operate much in the same way as Micro$oft
does (including hypertext help and the feature that allows the user to
start up programs and wotnot from the help.) This help will also include
contents, index and a search. Do you know of a similar project underway?
Do you see any value in this approach, or is there a better way?

As a quick asside. The help documents are written in (simplified) HTML
embedded tcl/tk code to allow for more complicated local operations
(such as running programs...) The format is still under construction but
it basically allows for rapid creation of pages which can perform
tasks. The format will also allow for the rapid creation of "wizards"
(god how
I hate that word) which basically step the user through processes with
of pretty text and buttons to make the process easier.

I would appreciate any feedback on this idea. I would also appreciate
instructions on how to join the SEUL mailing list so I might follow the
progress (and help?)


Ken Duck

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