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Re: SEUL-Leaders: SEUL and Linux Help (fwd)

> From: Two Ducks <twoducks@globalserve.net>
> To: cl@txcc.net
> Subject: SEUL and Linux Help

> As a quick asside. The help documents are written in (simplified) HTML
> with embedded tcl/tk code to allow for more complicated local operations
> (such as running programs...) The format is still under construction but
> it basically allows for rapid creation of pages which can perform
> complicated tasks. The format will also allow for the rapid creation of
> "wizards"  (god how I hate that word) which basically step the user
> through processes with lots of pretty text and buttons to make the
> process easier. 
Perfect!  This is exactly what we need.  If the wizards can work well
within the framework of the help system, plus talk to the apps themselves
for both initial help placement (i.e. "Ctrl-click on button for help") and
for walkthroughs (i.e. the wizard actually says, "put your cursor there"
"good, now click"  "good"), we have a real winner.  I like the idea of
using a minimalistic HTML (v1?) for help.  Why write another format for
hypertext help if there's already one out there?

> I would appreciate any feedback on this idea. I would also appreciate
> your instructions on how to join the SEUL mailing list so I might follow
> the progress (and help?) 
As Cyber probably already mentioned, the user doc/help system leader
position is open.  If you feel you have the time, please consider.  Even
if you don't have the time to spend organizing the doc team, please join
us.  It sounds like you already have a great start on a help system that
may be just what we're looking for.


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