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SEUL-Leaders: People are already talking about SEUL, indirectly

Forwarded are the interesting parts of a message to linux-admin.  I intend on 
following it up with a message mentioning SEUL as a project, and pointing to 
the web site (which one?) with the caveat that it will be moving soon.  We 
also need to consider posting to c.o.l.a as soon as we have something
(anything) to show for our efforts.

> Linux is a great OS because there are a few great people out there that
> make it such. People like Linus Torvalds doing kernel development and
> Richard Stallman doing the GNU software. What Linux is missing is
> someone
> of this caliber taking OS configuration to the next level. We need an OS
> that can be installed by Joe User out of the box.
hey but base setup could be pretty easy done using setup script, it does all
 the things including basic network setup, speakin; about there rest
 there are so many different software packages, that it is hard to
 put all the configuration file, maybe the better idea would be to
 make additional script.. say configure, which after make would do
 all configuration matters?

> does *not* read manuals. It must also look good. Many coders forget that
> what many people want in an OS is eye candy. It's what made Macs. It's
> also
> what killed Macs - Windows95 "looks" better.
but we can get linix to the same level, can't we? X-windows looks pretty 
original to me
> The next most important piece is a Windows95 emulator. "Wine" with full
> win32 support would be great. With that one piece of software, we could
> leverage the entire Windows95 software base.
yeah.. with this thing Linux could "eat" win95

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