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SEUL-Leaders: da plan.

stage one in Getting Things Done, is getting info on what exists, so that we
do not reinvent wheels.

we already know about distributions and packagers, and will end up looking
into dpkg and rpm in more detail soon, most likely.

the other thing we need is to know what apps, utilities, standards,
and other stuff exist for us to reuse, or conform to, or not.
this is simply going to be a massive assault job.

i suggest that this be what we sic the seul-project members on first,
*as soon as we have a structure setup for it to work*.
we will need a method for indexing all the information we gather.
and we will need a way for everyone to report findings directly
into the database.

we should make the announcement that this is underway to the main
list, ONCE we have the system set up and some basic info entered.

i propose that how to set up this database should be tonight's irc topic.
also respond to this email with any ideas, even if you can't make the meeting.

i believe this db will be necessary for us to stand on when figuring out how
to design seul.  i have done some work on the design, but keep hitting
points where decisions depend on "does this exist/work?"  and i do not feel
confident in going very far in the process without resolving a lot of
these questions.

also notice that on the seul-project list a lot of discussion went on
around mentioning things that some people had expertise in, and others
had never heard of.  it would be nice if at least things like a list
of major distributions, tools, apps, and standards, which was publicly
visible (probably on the web), and contained links to more info and
sources for each part.

to start things rolling, specific categories that will need to be indexed:
*apps - word processors, etc.
*tools/admin utilities
*standards (fsstnd, and and other things we really care about, plus pointers
 to general indexes)

as pieces are added, it should also be possible to add/update reviews
which are automatically stored and linked on the web site (or whatever
presentation medium is used).
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