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SEUL-Leaders: idea and roadblock for seuldoc

First the idea:

Would it be too hard to define an alias for <SEUL-> as <S->?  For things like 
section heads and so on, it'd be nice to be able to do <S-S t="" l=N> instead 
of <SEUL-SECTION title="" level=N>...  In some cases the backend will just be 
a symlink to the real handler, though in above case it'd be a slightly 
modified version to look for $t and $l instead of $title and $level...

Second, the roadblock:

Some fields in <SEUL-HEADER> (description in particular) might want to be 
more than one line long.  The only reliable way I can see to deal with this 
is to make it a requirement that anyone putting in a description that would 
overflow the line put it in double-quotes.  Then the parser would see the 
initial " and read till the trailing ", possibly dealing with escaped "'s in 
the middle?

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