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SEUL-Leaders: Re: icky html tags

> let me know which format we like better for the <seul-header> params...

I go for option 2, for sanity's sake (BTW, how's Sanity doing these days?).  
I think you're right in that the applet <param> stuff is broken HTML.  It's 
basically as if they did what we're doing, but screwed up.

And in reality, we don't really have problems with arbitrary tag parameters.  
They all go into a hash table to be munged into submission by the tag 
handler, and since a hash table (in perl) is associative (right?), the parser 
really doesn't care what's in there.  Of course, even in HTML you have 
arbitrary parms, in that you may specify things if you want to.  If you 
consider the parser and handler scripts taken together as a black box, the 
DTD for it is quite strict, in that the handler says "you will have this parm, 
this parm, and this parm".

Ah...  maybe I should look at the SGML DTD format and see if I can't hack up 
a DTD for a few doc-types, then try out a checker for it...


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