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SEUL-Leaders: seuldoc param spec

for tags with params, here's Pete's Parsing Spec (tm).
it's not fully html-compliant, but it's close enough!
the intent of this spec is to make sure that a browser viewing
raw seuldoc will not break, and that's all.  this means that as long
as browsers (including netscape and lynx, who do things differently),
can distinguish and ignore an entire seul tag properly, we're happy.
roger and i just spent way too long devising this, so trust me, it works.

tags are of the form:
<tagname [WS] parmname [WS] = [WS] value [ WS (more parms...)] [WS] >

note that the value is required!  eg, <tag a=> (which valid html) is illegal
in seuldoc tags.  just use something like <tag a=""> if you really mean it!
also note that whitespace is _required_ between one param value and the
next param name.
and param names (which we make up ourselves) should not contain
< > = or space.

if the value of a param does not contain whitespace, then it can
just be written out.  if it contains whitespace, it must be enclosed
in double-quotes (").
in any case, the value must have the following chars escaped html-style:
char : escape
 <   :  &lt;
 >   :  &gt;
 &   :  &amp;
 =   :  &#61;
 "   :  &quot;
and the value *may not* contain the chars < or > under any circumstances.
(i.e. certain chars must be escaped html-style, but the string is treated
as plaintext, not html, beyond that.)

that should be all for params.
still waiting if anyone wants input as to whether we should use
<param> fields or not...

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