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SEUL-Leaders: more seuldoc specs

one thing i forgot: we can deal with linebreaks too.
the parser will pass linebreaks inside double-quoted string values
through to the handler code, which can do what it wants with it,
including ignoring it, killing it, or turning it into html formatting.

the exception is \(linebreak) which is taken to mean "ignore this linebreak;
i just put it there so i could read my code.

so, examples.

with linebreak:
paramname = "blah blah
blah blah"

paramname = "blah blah\
blah blah"

\ anywhere else will just be treated as \.  so this feature only
has to be discovered by someone who actual cares about linebreaks,
not by anyone using a \.

as for <param> tags, option 2 it is.  no <param> tags for us!


p.s. i will be leaving in a few minutes to head home, and will most likely
be late for the meeting.  if so, start without me.
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