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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

> Then the user figures something's wrong with his computer.  Significant
> frustration ensues...  Remember, the lot that'll be using are the sorts
> that flood computer companies with Telephone calls asking where the 'any'
> key is...  Often, if you put in something like "A small dialog box will
> come up every so often to indicate a required package is being installed,
> if the box is red in colour that means a package over xxxMegabytes is
> being installed.", you will call after call asking why this little dialog
> box keeps coming up and why it's sometimes red.  TTYL!
>                         Paul Anderson

Why don't we just put "Don't Panic!" in Large friendly letters on the top of
each dialog box?

Seriously though,  we should notify the user what's going on, but not
give them cryptic color codes that have meening only to us developers.
I suggest something like:

<Dialog box>
The package that you have requested, <pkg name>, requires package 
<pkg a> to function.  I happen to have a copy dated <pkg a date> on the
SEUL CD-ROM.  This package requires <pkg a size> (bytes/K/MB/?GB?) of space
on it's target partition.  That partition has <disk free> (same units) 
availible.  I can:

A) Abort installation of <pkg name>

B) install <pkg a> from CD-ROM

C) try to find a newer version of <pkg a> on-line, and install it.

D) give you a more detailed explanation.

</Dialog box>

I don't think I like the paragraph format, but I think some variation on the
theme would be good.

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