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Re: SEUL: TurboLinux

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   Marcus Berglund writes:
   > Basically as I see it, Debian is more console based, while RedHat is more
   > GUI based, it is really a question of what we want to work with...  Alot
   > of the packages in 1.3.1 are preconfigured to be on a stand alone system,
   > and yes you do need to be a bit of a hacker to get you way around,...

   Why does any of this matter when seul is going to provide all new install
   and admin tools?

>From previous discussion consensus was than Seul will use as many
existing tools as possible, and when not doing so it will try whenever
possible to hack an existing tool instead of creating a new one.

   > ...just tell them nothing and asume they don't actually care what else is
   > needed, because I know of alot of people that would get a little peeved
   > if they were told every 10 seconds that packages x & y were being
   > added...

   They will be even more peeved to discover that their disk is full because a
   package they requested installed Tex without telling them.  They also are
   likely to be confused when they find that something they never requested
   has been installed.  Always tell the user what is going on (though I don't
   care much for dselect's practice of telling me all the things it isn't

Debian 1.2 prompted you whenever you selected a package lacking a
dependency.  I found this confusing and irritating because most of
time I intended to select the packages I was prompted for.  Futhermore
continuous promptings made me forget what I was doing.  I found
RedHAt method (let select and warn if something is missing) a lot
more palatable.

			Jean Francois Martinez

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