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Re: SEUL: gui toolkits

Paul Anderson wrote:

> > As for now, I'd suggest to stick to one of the existing solutions,
> > such as Perl/Tk, or possibly the Gtk, but be ready for a
> > transission to one of the newer object oriented toolkits,
> > such as the LIP frameworks, the Xclass library, or a
> > Java or Objective-C solution - especially for larger applications.
> >
> Why not use V?  It's GPLed, and it's written in C++.
> FOr more info check out:
> http://www.cs.unm.edu/~wampler
> It's a great toolkit.  TTYL!

My thoughts on GUI toolkits:

Maybe this is not our domain, but I think it would be *very* nice if
Linux had a form editor and widget standard that acts roughly like
Visual Basic or Delphi for Windows.  In this I mean you can place
widgets on a "design time" form and set properties at design and/or run
time.  The widgets themselves would have to be very flexible, knowing
how to respond to all kinds of activity and to be able to physically
redraw themselves at any time, possibly changing color, size, location,
or whatever the programmer felt like doing with them.

This would go a long way toward making a RAD system for Linux, and it
would make writing GUI apps much easier, at least for Windows people.

I personally have absolutely no X development experience (short of
compiling and looking at a few little programs) so I'm probably not one
to talk.  But what do you think - is something like this practical?

[I know, I used to hate the idea of point and click programming too, but
after using VB at work I admit that it is a VERY good way to build GUI

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