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Re: SEUL: gui toolkits

Micah Yoder wrote:
> My thoughts on GUI toolkits:
> Maybe this is not our domain, but I think it would be *very* nice if
> Linux had a form editor and widget standard that acts roughly like
> Visual Basic or Delphi for Windows.
> This would go a long way toward making a RAD system for Linux, and it
> would make writing GUI apps much easier, at least for Windows people.
> I personally have absolutely no X development experience (short of
> compiling and looking at a few little programs) so I'm probably not one
> to talk.  But what do you think - is something like this practical?

Well, I've heard there is a GUI builder for tk, called
VisualTk or similar.

Also there is:
- A dialog editor for Qt, and a start for an IDE from
  the KDE team, unfortunately also Qt.
- The xclass/fOX team has started a GUI builder for the xclass
  library, not ready to be used, though.
- The LIP team will start working on an IDE, including
  a GUI builder, as soon as the LIP frameworks API
  has stablelized.
- Eventually the GNUstep folks want to have a clone of
  NeXT's Interface Builder app ready.
- There is xelphi (for Java), I don't know whether it's
  Free Software(?), and it's too buggy to be used so far.
- Besides the xforms thing already mentioned, there is a dialog
  editor for the wxWindows toolkit.
(There are some other GUI builders around, too)

Best regards,

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