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Re: SEUL: Common SEUL/e-linux tools needed

Reply-to: omega@seul.org

On Thu, 8 Jan 1998, Loren S Osborn wrote:

> I may need a few lessons in RPM, but if we make a stipulation that all RPMs
> need to have configuration file 'A' in it, How can we have any athority
> over that for packages outside of SEUL??? I'm not saying we shouldn't use
> RPMs format, just their name (so as not to confuse users)... How do we explain
> to them which RPMs *WILL* work and which won't... especially if they're still
> learning the concept of a file???
There's an easy way to do this.  Simply make the 'packager' header of
the RPM a standard, like "SEUL Project", and have all our tools check this
header before installing.  If it isn't set to match what's needed to
ensure compliance and compatibility, tell the user this, and require
several non-default choices to allow them to still install it.

We could even build a wizard that would do simple scans and determine if a
package could be modified on the fly to fit into the system.  Maybe not,
but something to consider. 

> The PGP athentication is primarily for the purposes of assuring that we
> verified that it meets it's requirements for itself...
What other requirements are there??

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