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SEUL: package format

If you are going to create a new package format, _please_ base it on the
POSIX software packaging standard (I don't have the publication number here,
but you can search for "software packaging" on IEEE's web site).

Debian will eventually switch to this package format. We have a new package
tool (currently testing the GUI, back-end is incomplete) that is a lot
easier than "dselect" but is still not for the computer-naive.

Computer-naive people don't want to use the package manager at all,
they want to check a box that says "I want to have a web site", etc.
and go on. We are providing a shell-and-dialog hack to do this on
Debian 2.0 .

I would offer to collaborate on packaging stuff, but Debian's obviously
not going to put Qt in any of its tools, ever. Sorry!


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