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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments

On Mon, Jan 05, 1998 at 02:05:55PM -0500, Star's End wrote:

> This is my list, feel free to add anything else:
> 	Office Suite:
> 		WYSIWYG wordprocessor
> 		SpreadSheet
> 		Presentation Graphics Program
Contact Management
Fax Server
Voicemail Server
Document management
Database frontend designer (like Filemaker Pro, or Access, or Visual Basic)

> 	Financial Software:
> 		double entry booking journal
> 		accounts package, for accounts payable, account recievable,
> 			billing, taxation, etc ...
Decision support
Quality improvement support
Managerial accounting support

> 	Internet Software:
> 		html browser, graphical ftp client, telnet, graphical email
> 		etc.
> 		Graphical Internet Configuration System.
> 	Power Apps:
> 		relational database
> 		drawing/image editing software
> 		design and page layout software 
> 		General purpose Cad ala Autocad
> 		Specialized Cad programs, for circuits, floorplans, etc.
Groupware (Notes)

> 	Development:
> 		compilers, interpreters
> 		integrated development environment
> 		debugger
> 	Scientific:
> 		Statistical packages
> 		data visualization
> What else is there? 

The availability of a tool shapes the sort of tasks that can be accomplished.

Sometimes people will use a $2000 computer to replace a $1.59 deck of cards
and never get any farther than that.

We can never predict what applications will be desired, because the number
of applications needed is probably infinite. We can predict the sorts
of things, that people need to keep track of: images, words, documents, numbers,
facts, relations between facts, time, people, projects, possessions; and
try to think of ways of making it very easy for them to keep track of such

Evelyn Mitchell