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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Evelyn Mitchell wrote:

> Document management
?? Doesn't CVS do that?

> Decision support
> Quality improvement support
???? Huh?

> Managerial accounting support
Do you mean "business accounting"?  That's one area Linux has a real
weakness, that no one seems to be willing to correct.  Linux has plenty of
software for personal accounting, but ZIP for business accounting...
Linux could do a real bangup job of it, too...

> Groupware (Notes)
Doesn't sendmail do that?  Admittedly, I've never used Notes, I just know
it's non-standard SMTP implementation is a real headache...  What entirely
does it do?

Maybe if you guys can list what you want the software to do we can
actually get something done and start writing this stuff?  You guys gripe
and gripe, saying Linux has no end-user apps, why don't we write some?!

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