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Re: SEUL: Re: Comments

Evelyn Mitchell wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 05, 1998 at 02:05:55PM -0500, Star's End wrote:
> > This is my list, feel free to add anything else:
> >
> >       Office Suite:
> >               WYSIWYG wordprocessor
> >               SpreadSheet
> >               Presentation Graphics Program

> Calendaring/Scheduing
> Contact Management

Are these two related to groupware below ?
(I've never used either of them)

> Fax Server
> Voicemail Server
> Document management

Does this mean the SGML category or CVS or both, or what else ?

> Database frontend designer (like Filemaker Pro, or Access, or Visual Basic)
> >       Financial Software:
> >               double entry booking journal
> >               accounts package, for accounts payable, account recievable,
> >                       billing, taxation, etc ...
> Decision support

Is this about this multi-dimensional database stuff ?

> Quality improvement support
> Managerial accounting support

What are these two ?

> >       Internet Software:
> >               html browser, graphical ftp client, telnet, graphical email
> >               etc.

namely graphical IRC client, news, html editor, web page management
system(with CVS support, etc.), anything else ?

> >               Graphical Internet Configuration System.

like EZPPP, or is there more to it ?

> >       Power Apps:

software dealing with maps (planning, etc.)

> >               relational database
> >               drawing/image editing software
> >               design and page layout software

font manipulation software

> >               General purpose Cad ala Autocad
> >               Specialized Cad programs, for circuits, floorplans, etc.
> Groupware (Notes)

workflow management (?)

> > What else is there?

3d modeling (including nurbs,  la Mind's Eye)
3d rendering, incuding raytracing
3d animation

video/animation stuff
multimedia authoring tools

sound manipulation/MIDI (?)
notes editors

> The availability of a tool shapes the sort of tasks that can be accomplished.
> We can never predict what applications will be desired, because the number
> of applications needed is probably infinite.

I agree, we can probably estimate what apps will make
it more likely for people to switch to Linux based on what
applications they use now, though.

> We can predict the sorts
> of things, that people need to keep track of: images, words, documents, numbers,
> facts, relations between facts, time, people, projects, possessions; and
> try to think of ways of making it very easy for them to keep track of such
> things.

Sounds good.