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Re: SEUL: New Distribution

> No one commented on my suggestion to look at Linux Pro 5.4 as a possible
> starting point for SEUL.  If anyone has tried it, I would appreciate knowing
> what your experience was, so I will know whether to buy a copy.

We have a few distribution reviews (of RedHat, Debian, and I think LST) in 
the archives, another item on my (long and getting longer) todo list is to 
put those up on the web.

While I'm at it, though, I'll solicit some more...: if anyone has had good or 
bad experiences with a given distribution, and is willing to write them up, 
along with suggestions if possible, please e-mail them to the list and they 
will make their way into the web site as soon as I can get around to it.

Better yet, is there anyone who'd like to volunteer to maintain that portion 
of the site?  E-mail me <omega@seul.org> and I can get things set up.

     Erik Walthinsen <omega@seul.org> - SEUL Project system architect
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