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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment? (fwd)

Paul Anderson wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Star's End wrote:
> > Is there a CVS repository for SEUL, who is in charge of it?
> > Can I download the pieces of SEUL that are available today.
> >
> There is no SEUL to download,

IMO it would really be a good idea to start something
like this.  Even if many things won't end up in the final
SEUL distribution, it would give people something to try
out, discuss, and improve.

> > If you continue to talk about this nothing gets done. I have read many
> > things about design goals, and what we don't like, but I have yet to see
> > a single line of code.
> >
> I'm even beginning to have doubts that many people here know how to
> program:)

Well, I believe they can be of great value of the SEUL, too.
Of course there should be some programmers and UNIX gurus, too ;)

> > Is there a minimal SEUL distribution anywhere. Take redhat version whaterver
> > strip out all the frills, create an rpm that someone can download.
> >
> I'd go with ground up, 'cause it's easier than gutting RedHat, IMHO...
> Have to look into it.

I have the hope that the SEUL is open to switch to a .deb based
system when it is starting to be useful for an end-user oriented

> > Once we have the basics we can start screaming what else do we want.
> >
> Precisely, we could put together a simple .tgz of the RPMS, and make it
> install from a DOS partition or floppy using Loadlin at first, then we
> should put together boot and root floppies.
Good idea.