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Re: SEUL: Is it too soon for me to comment? (fwd)

On Mon, 5 Jan 1998, Star's End wrote:

> Is there a CVS repository for SEUL, who is in charge of it?
> Can I download the pieces of SEUL that are available today.
There is no SEUL to download, I had started development work on an
administration tool a while back, then they told me to talk more, and I
dropped it.  I had it to the point of creating new users...  

> If you continue to talk about this nothing gets done. I have read many
> things about design goals, and what we don't like, but I have yet to see
> a single line of code.
I'm even beginning to have doubts that many people here know how to

> Is there a minimal SEUL distribution anywhere. Take redhat version whaterver
> strip out all the frills, create an rpm that someone can download.
I'd go with ground up, 'cause it's easier than gutting RedHat, IMHO...
Have to look into it.

> All it need to do is install and boot up. A shell and some command line
> tools would be nice.
I have a 386dx33 with 4Megs of RAM and an 80Meg HD sitting aside that we
can use to test it.  If they don't want to do anything, we can.  I'll dig
through my Rh CD's and see what's where, we can probably use some of their
RPMs(I love the GPL) to set up the base system, and basically write an
installer script.

> Once we have the basics we can start screaming what else do we want.
Precisely, we could put together a simple .tgz of the RPMS, and make it
install from a DOS partition or floppy using Loadlin at first, then we
should put together boot and root floppies.

> Such a consortium exists. I think its even called that.
Hmm, I'll hafta do a net search for it...

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