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Re: SEUL: Re: What's the diff to SEUL ?

Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> > Nothings wrong with them. It's just that fvwm2 is a window manager, not
> > a complete desktop package!
> As has been pointed out by someone else, KDE and Qt seem to be very
> non-reentrant.  If one part of KDE freezes, the entire system goes with it.
> Since all your apps are dependent on one component (which sounds from the
> description to be an actual process), if it goes away, you're hosed.  If
> that's your definition of a "complete desktop", gimme my vi back!

That was me.  I'll add also that this problem with kfm has been there in
varying degree's since the begining.  A major reason I dropped KDE and
unsub'd from all the lists is because we would tell them about the
problems and the response would be "that's why it's called alpha" and
"if you don't like the bugs, don't use it" and as I remember those very
comments were from the guy developing the kfm package which, a year
later, has the same problems.

Back then we told him, in response, that if he couldn't listen to alpha
testers and work on the bugs, he should pass the development on to
somebody else.  We were seriously attacked and that was that.  I don't
have time for pre-madonnas that won't listen to another

And as I said before, it is not better because it's a "complete desktop"
anybody can modify existing programs with a different widget set (tkstep
for instance) and add it to say Afterstep and say that makes it a
"complete desktop".

I don't care if it has an HTML help program, specially when there are
very little help pages available and the ones there do little more than
say "This is the help page for Blah blah program"  Big fu**ing deal!