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SEUL: "Core" proof-of-concept

> 2) Create an FTP archive. Create four main sections ... base, options,
> non-free, contrib
This can be set up on ftp.seul.org fairly easily, though we may have no need 
for anything but base and options for a while.

> 4) Begin presenting on a regular basis groups of 10 packages at a time to
> the project list for discussion on approval for inclusion in the
> distribution.  Everything will be in options at first and only brought
> into base and added to the install status file as it is approved.
Good plan.  These should probably be posted to seul-dev-distrib for now, and 
we can create a distinct list for it later if necessary.

> I am hoping that this will get the ball rolling on at least having some
> kind of a seed from which to start growing the distribution core. I 
> NOT a control freak and anyone may have this ... I am simply trying to
> start getting some work done.
It's precisely this kind of leadership (the "take-charge attitude") that this 
project is in need of right now.  I'm seriously running low on time to work 
on things like this, so it's time for people to step up, as you have, and 
help take charge of parts of this project.

> I think it is important to base it on 2.0 since it will avoid a tricky
> upgrade from libc5.
Good point.  It would be pretty dumb to start out with libc5...

> This is intended to be for demonstration and proof-of-concept purposes only. 
Need not remain that way, though.  If it proves to be workable, it may 
become the basis for *the* core.

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