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Re: SEUL: GUI layer.

Rick Jones wrote:
> All:
> Unless there is somebody already working on it, I would be happy to take
> on the task of putting together the base GUI layer to add to the core
> George is working on.

I assume since there have been no objections, that I can begin puting
the GUI layer together.

George: Can you send me any core conclusions you may have made important
to the GUI?

I am currently concidering three managers for the primary interface:

	FVWM2 - Due to popularity and versitility. (Not FVWM95
	WindowMaker - Much more user friendly and attractive.

	Afterstep - Much like WM but consumes fewer resources.

Windowmaker and Afterstep are more configureable than FVWM, but I think
the disk space and resouce requirements should be examined as well as

There is the possibility of using a small stripped window manager for
installation which is replaced when installation is complete.