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Re: SEUL: GUI layer.

Rick Jones wrote:
> I assume since there have been no objections, that I can begin puting
> the GUI layer together.


> George: Can you send me any core conclusions you may have made important
> to the GUI?
> I am currently concidering three managers for the primary interface:
>         FVWM2 [...]
>         WindowMaker - Much more user friendly and attractive.
>         Afterstep - Much like WM but consumes fewer resources.
> Windowmaker and Afterstep are more configureable than FVWM, but I think
> the disk space and resouce requirements should be examined as well as
> functionality.
> There is the possibility of using a small stripped window manager for
> installation which is replaced when installation is complete.
> Comments?

Well, Ideally we should have the following WMs in our distribution
so the user can play around with them after beeing comfortable with
the default (All of them should be updated via the menu system after
installing new packages and it would be nice if they would all be
configurable by (a) GUI front-end/s):

- Either FVWM95 or QVWM (for those who can't live without ;)
- WindowMaker
- probably AfterStep

I would suggest WindowMaker as the default if it works
stable when we are about to release SEUL.  I hope it's not too
resource hungry ?  I personally use FVWM2 but I think
wmaker is both more beautiful and more end-user oriented.
(Maybe we should make FVWM2 the core-gui WM but use
wmaker as default in our (end-user) distribution ?)

Some other suggestions for core-gui:

- X11R6 (what portions ?)
- Tk
- Gtk (maybe Gtk--, too)
- LessTif (?)

What other libraries ?