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Re: SEUL: GUI layer.

Kai Wetzel wrote:
> I would suggest WindowMaker as the default if it works
> stable when we are about to release SEUL.  I hope it's not too
> resource hungry ?  I personally use FVWM2 but I think
> wmaker is both more beautiful and more end-user oriented.
> (Maybe we should make FVWM2 the core-gui WM but use
> wmaker as default in our (end-user) distribution ?)

I am also leaning to WindowMaker.  I like the idea of configuring it on
the fly instead of having to restart the window manager.  My only
reservation is it's association to gnustep.  I'm not familiar with it
yet and don't know if it will put added overhead on the hard drive if it
requires lib's or widgets from gnustep.  I plan on trying it out later
tonight or tomorrow.

Anybody familiar with the gnustep project?  The server was down when I
tried to check it out.