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SEUL: Other commitments...

SEUL & e-linux developers,

Well... I just finished catching up on 150 email messages from the last 48 
hours...  I hate to be preaching all my ideas, and taking off, but I do
have other commitments... I am already chalked up to create a VM for
Berlin, and that comes after school and job hunting, so I really have my
hands full...  I'm glad my ideas were heard, and I would love to help out
(especially with that PartitionMagic clone) but not now...  I'm going to 
continue to hover on the seul-announce list (I know of no such similar list
for e-linux) and feel free to contact me by email...

Good luck to you all,

Loren Osborn
Student; Departiment of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology; Rochester, NY