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Re: SEUL: Mail got bounced: Here are a few msgs that didn't get through...

On Sat, 24 Jan 1998, Micah Yoder wrote:

> jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> > I sent a mail with title "Dispelling fallacies about Qt" with a
> > demonstration of why the Qt license would allow the use of KDE even if
> > Troll changes the license.  But also about the real dangers of Qt and
> > why having the dominant Linux desktop based on it would be a bad idea.
> > So better avoid helping KDE by including it in distributions.
> Yes, I read that E-mail and pretty much agree.

I am wondering something.  Say a business decided to use SEUL on their
desktops. Lets say also that they have maybe 500-1000 pc's that they put
SEUL on and are using a Qt application in the day-to-day conduct of
business. Using Qt in a commercial environment in the conduct of their
daily business. 

Is this allowed for free by the Qt license?

If that sort of use is allowed, I have no problem with including Qt apps
in the bulk portion of the system.  It surely must stay out of Core but as
far as including Qt apps in the mainstream distribution, I have no
problems as long as commercial users can use it.

George Bonser 
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