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SEUL: Re: bbs software packages?

On Sun, 25 Jan 1998, Dan Browning wrote:

> Hi I'm new to this list and I got 2 questions:
> Where (URL's?) can I find free (or not so free) linux bbs software?
> How about packages?  (I know there is a Debian one... any others?)
> I've tried searching the web for some--but I'm not 3133t

> so I can't find
> them.  You see--I've just been charged with erecting a bbs on some spare
> machine at school. 
Linux BBSes don't work like DOS BBSes do, which is a pity, IMHO.  Check
and there a couple BBS systems on there...  One of the most promising is
INTERACT, but I don't know what it's current state is.

> Another Question:
> I just got RH5.  I noticed a lot of packages on the second CD.  I know how
> to install them, but where is an easy-to-read list of descriptions for each
> package?  (who knows, maybe my bbs software is ON my CD).
That's the source code to all the software on your first CD.  

BTW, I think Linux could really use a good BBS package, which is something
I've tried working with sometimes, maybe someone on SEUL would care to get
the ball rolling a make a mockup of a DOS board on Linux?  TTYL!

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