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SEUL: Debian CDROM install


For those of you that might be attempting to install from certain Debian
CDROM's, there might be some problems and I will attempt to straighten
them out for you here.

Your install procedure should be something like this:

If you selected to make the system bootable directly from hard disk and
pop the boot floppy out, you might get a 1FA: or simillar prompt rather
than the familliar LILO or boot: prompt.  This is a problem with the lilo
on the CDROM that configured the hard disk for you.

boot the rescue floppy and at the boot: prompt enter the following:

boot: rescue root=/dev/hda1 (or wherever your linux root partition is)

The system should boot properly. It will now ask for a root password and
ask to set up a user account before starting dselect.

In the dselect menu do the following:

If you do not want to use emacs as your newsreader and editor (emacs is
huge ... abount 6Megs) select tin and a text editor (I use vim) and
unselect emacs.  If you want an alternative MTA than smail, select that.

SELECT NOTHING ELSE at this point.  Install these packages from the CDROM.

After these packages have been installed and configured, get to a
different VT and edit lilo.conf.  You will need to chage one small entry.
If your root partition is /dev/hda1 you will see that the boot entry is
ALSO set to /dev/hda1 ... that is wrong.  It should look something like
this on an IDE system booting from the DOS C: drive


now rerun lilo and you sould see it say that it added linux.

Now rerun dselect only this time use the FTP method (assuming that you
have gotten ppp working or are networked) update the available list and
install from the FTP site to get your system updated to the latest stable

George Bonser 
If NT is the answer, you didn't understand the question. (NOTE: Stolen sig)
Debian/GNU Linux ... the maintainable operating system.