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Hello all:

I've been spending the night browsing various X toolkits recomended by
some of the other leaders as worth a look.  I thought this snippit from
the FADE developers page might be of interest.

Found at http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~wxxt/

-------------------------- snip -----
What is FADE?

I planned to create my own Desktop Environment based on wxXt by Markus
Holzhem. As the future of wxXt is
no longer certain, I had to write my own port of wxWindows to make my
Desktop Environment run under Linux.
As there is already a project called GNOME, which tries to create a
Desktop Environment based on the GTK,
but which lacks any useful support for C++, I chose to port wxWindows to
the GTK. That would have made it
possible, to join my plans with the GNOME plans. 

But the GNOME group seems to be more busy, trying to implement a new
PhaserChess version in a mixture of
Guile, Objective-C and Python than with writing any useful desktop
application. So, now again, I will do some
work on my own Desktop Environment based on wxWindows 2.0, the name of
which will be 

Freely Available Desktop Environment (FADE)

Being based on wxWindows 2.0, it will be a suite of programs which can
run on either of 

  X using the Motif widget set 
  X using the GTK widget set 
  LinuxGGI using the generic widgets and a ("Berlin lite") window

I was looking for a way to port wxWindows to LinuxGGI. My current plans
are, to use the generic widgets in
combination with the LinuxGGI window manager, which was recently
announced on the LinuxGGI mailing list. 

Once wxGTK is working more or less, I will continue work on FADE. Plans
are to create 

  a file manager (almost done) 
  a simple editor (almost done) 
  a browser/help viewer (exists for version 1.68) 
  a mailing program (almost done) 
  a front end for LinuxConf (done) 
  a front end for COAS (volunteer found) 
  a front end for Deity (not done) 
  a customized FVWM (not done) 
  a few more goodies 

Let's see who's going to win, FADE or GNOME. Not to be taken too

This page is maintained by Robert Roebling. Comments, in contrast to
junk and flames, welcome. 

-------------------- snip ----------------

This looks promissing to me.  I haven't dug any deeper into his site yet
but it sounds as if he's possibly going to have useable tools for us
before gnome does.



Rick Jones